Love is in the air

While much of Australia reacted with predictable indignation to Corby’s conviction, you can be sure that the male inmates at Kerobokan jail are not going to be too perturbed that this Aussie beauty will now be spending the foreseeable future among their company. In fact, they probably can’t believe their good fortune. Every cloud has a silver lining. Because for them Corby must seem like some sort of angel magically spirited down from heaven. What they have wanted and dreamed about for so long is now tantalizingly close to hand. Lifer MichaĆ«l Blanc must especially fancy his chances: young and good-looking he’ll be hoping that Corby will fall for his irresistible French charms. One thing doesn’t bear thinking about though: how would Indonesia’s excruciatingly complex nationality laws cope if they had kids while still on the inside?

And if you still think she’s innocent read this.


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