Where there’s a will, there’s a way

Some of my Indonesian readers have suggested that I was taking things perhaps a bit too far in suggesting that Corby would have any luck in the love department as she begins serving her long sentence in Bali Hilton. Firstly, they point out, is the fact that the male and female prisoners are segregated at the prison. Well, this may be so, but don’t forget that the Balinese are an affable bunch, and I can’t believe that the prison guards wouldn’t allow Corby to meet up with a potential suitor if some uang rokok (pocket money) changed hands. But even if the prison guards were less than accommodating, I still believe that Corby needn’t give up. Love will find a way. All she needs is a drill or even just a few easy to find objects and she will be well on her way, as this recent article from the Hurriyet daily newspaper of Turkey shows:

“When the prisoner first claimed that she was pregnant, nobody believed her,” a spokesman for Kartal prison in Istanbul told reporters, “because it didn’t seem technically possible. She’d been in solitary confinement for months, and we thought she had just been overeating, and that this was just a ruse to get herself moved to a better cell. But then she showed us the hole she’d drilled in the concrete wall separating her from her lover, and told us that they’d been having sex for months, and we realised it was all true.”

The spokesman was commenting on the case of a twenty-seven-year-old female prisoner, Kadriye Fikret Oget, who had just given birth to a child fathered by forty-year-old convicted murderer Seylan Corduk, despite them both being in solitary confinement. “The walls between the cells are 9cm thick and made of solid concrete, but they’d somehow made a hole with their cutlery, and were having sex through it. They admitted they’d been doing it for months, and Corduk is obviously a man of some length, because he’d managed to impregnate Oget. When we discovered what had happened, we held an enquiry, and the prisoners have both been found guilty of damaging public property. Each has been fined 128 euros, and had their sentences increased by four months.”


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