Hijabs in Jakarta

It’s strange to think of Indonesia as being the world’s largest Muslim country. After all, it certainly doesn’t feel very Islamic here – well at least not in Jakarta where young women are far more likely to wear tight fitting jeans and hipster tops than traditional Islamic garb.

Sure there are the mosques, but even they have to compete with a far more pervasive enemy these days – the good old TV set. The call for prayers at the local mosque may blare into people’s homes thanks to high powered amplifiers, but the latest sinetron shows (soap operas) and dangdut musical specials seem to have a magical hold over many Indonesians, transfixing them to their seats.

It’s great that it’s like this of course. Much of the fun of visiting Jakarta’s plush shopping malls would certainly be taken away if all the girls wore headscarves.

But Islamic clothing doesn’t have to be boring. I was surprised to come across this UK site which offers:

a revolutionary range of hijabs created by Dutch designer, Cindy Van Den Breman to give Muslim girls and their gym teachers a safe alternative from the traditional hijab when taking part in sport. These stylish and non-fussy hijabs will ensure that Muslim girls are able to comfortably and safely participate in sports and physical activities without having to worry about their hijabs shifting and tearing apart.

And they even have hijabs specially designed for tennis, aerobics and even skating!

But do hijabs pose an obstacle to intimacy? Well not necessarily…

Muslims touch too


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