Better red than dead

Nah!! Just kidding. I ain’t no commie – so don’t send in the hate mail just yet!

Even so, I quite liked some of Karl Marx’s class war stuff when I was a kid, but I think that probably had a lot to do with being brought up in stockbroker Surrey during the Thatcherite years, and having a distinct dislike for the hegemony of the ruling classes.

So why a hammer and sickle?

Well today marks the 40th anniversary in Indonesia of the murder of six army generals in a supposed communist coup back in 1965. General Suharto was conspicuously left off the death list however; but you’re not supposed to mention things like that in Indonesia…

In the bloody retributions that soon followed, Muslim youth groups - with the help of the Army of course -slaughtered as many commies that they could get their hands on: more than 500,000 according to most estimates.

The Americans also did their bit of course, and compiled death lists for the Indonesians. Oh well. You know what they say: the only good commie is a dead one…


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