Rogerio Paez, who’s ever heard of him?

People have got bored of convicted drug trafficker Schapelle Corby. She’s attractive, it’s true, but the attention span of the media is short. Not only that but the arrival of sexy lingerie model Michelle Leslie has hastened Corby’s demise. Michelle is perfect media material, and the fact that she took to wearing an Afghan burka soon got her loads of attention.

And it’s an ominous sign for Corby that the Indonesian courts seem to be so ambivalent in deciding her fate. They should already have made an announcement concerning her appeal, but as of yet, nothing.

So with time running out, Corby’s worst fears seem to be materializing: she will have to spend the next 20 years of her life in Kerobokan jail, long forgotten by the Aussie public.

But she did have her moment of fame. Most of the prisoners in Kerobokan didn’t even get that, like
this unfortunate blighter.

Rogerio Paez, who’s ever heard of him?


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