Indonesia’s famous nudes: Tiara Lestari, the Marcela sisters and Dewi Sukarno

On her now neglected blog – which was presumably written by a ghostwriter – the lovely Tiara Lestari once invited readers to ask her anything they wanted.Tiara Lestari nude, not
Taking her request literally, I was gonna ask her for her telephone number, but considering the chances of a reply rather slim, I instead decided to ask her if she would ever consider starring in a blue movie if the payment was large enough.

Although she responded in the negative (unfortunately!), I didn’t really believe her. After all, modeling is a ruthless business, and work gets increasingly difficult to find as a model gets older. But Tiara Lestari never did link up with Vivid Video, and instead settled down with a fine chap to start a family. Good luck to her I say!

Tiara Lestari in a Leopard print bikiniTiara Lestari raises more than a little interest dressed in a Leopard print bikini

But unlike Tiara, the vivacious Marcela sisters (Nyomi Marcela and Jade Marcela) did take the plunge into the adult entertainment industry and subsequently became huge stars.

Nyomi MarcelaNyomi Marcela: One of Indonesia's most beautiful exports

Jade Marcela in particular, with her sizzling performances in Asian Street Bookers, has won a huge following across the globe. I’m not going to provide any links, but if you are curious – and I’m sure you are! - simply type either of their names into the Google Images search engine. Just don’t do it while your boss is around, okay?

But Indonesia’s most famous and controversial nude must be Dewi Sukarno:

Dewi Sukarno nudeBorn Naoko Nemoto, she was working days in an insurance company and nights as a hostess at the Kokusai Club in Akasaka, a place for foreign VIPs.

It was there that a fateful meeting with a powerful world leader changed her life.

In 1962, at the tender age of 19, she left Japan to become the third of the nine wives of Achmed Sukarno, the president of The Republic of Indonesia.

Her full married name was Ratna Sari Dewi Sukarno.
Beautiful Dewi Sukarno certainly was, and as you can see in the picture below - from the now defunct Life Magazine - she actually looked a lot like an Indonesian despite having Japanese blood coursing through her veins:

Dewi Sukarno, Life Magazine
Always a colorful character, Dewi Sukarno exploded in sensational fashion in 1992 when she “glassed” fellow international socialite and heiress Minnie Osmeña at a party in Aspen, Colorado, and had to do jail time of 60 days!

Then a year later, in 1993, at the ripe old age of 53, she published a book of photos, many of them nude.

The book was slammed in the mostly Islamic Indonesia for "violating eastern norms and insulting Indonesia's dignity" and was banned by the Attorney-General's office. Several years later, an Indonesian magazine published some photos from the book without permission.

Today the book is out of print and a highly valued collectors’ item.

My initial efforts to locate any pictures of her on the net proved to be fruitless. Eventually, however, I had success by getting into a pay-for-access website that specializes in celebrity shots by making use of a coding error which allowed me to download the images for free.

Dewi Sukarno nude Dewi Sukarno: Indonesia's First Lady in body paint
Dewi Sukarno nudeThe former first lady enjoys a bath

I’m sure you’ll agree with me that President Sukarno made the right decision even if Dewi was known to be something of a golddigger. Let’s face it, he had tons of money to give away anyway.

And talking of gold, check out these pictures of Sukarno’s last stand.


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