Buy a Tiara Lestari T-shirt!!

There’s a lot of talk in blogger chatrooms these days about “monetizing your blog”.

Now while that sounds like a great idea, in reality - for most bloggers at least - it just means sticking up some targeted Google ads that generate, er, well peanuts.

So perhaps merchandising is the way to go: sell something that people want.

After careful thought, I think I’ve come up with something that should sell like hot cakes: A Tiara Lestari T-shirt (#1):

The image is taken from a high quality JPG file from her Matra photoshoot, and it’s printed on the T-shirt using the latest Epson S041154 printer.

So order yours today, and wear it with pride!! After all, you’ll never get a better chance than this to get Tiara’s magnificent assets this close to your chest!

And I’ll even donate a share of the profits to the Royal Society for the Relief of Destitute ex-Blok M Working Girls. So what are you waiting for?

And I'm not taking the mick. Honest.

#1: 100 Percent Organic Cotton Front Printed Tiara Lestari T shirt, preshrunk, high quality, heavyweight “Made in Indonesian Sweatshop” T-shirt. Image size: 12" X 12”. Only US$19.95 each. Overseas customers please add US$5 for postage & packing.


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