It’s taken some time but it has finally been posted up on the net: the controversial piece of artwork called Pinkswing Park which was briefly displayed at an art exhibition at Indonesia’s central bank last year.

The artwork features Indonesian models Isobelle Yahya and Anjasmara frolicking around in some sort of utopian park.

Although some didn’t like it, I find it rather charming: there’s a sort of Adam and Eve innocence to the whole thing, I think.

But that’s just my opinion. So here’s the picture to judge for yourselves:
Pinkswing Park

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berto said... @ 14 April 2010 at 22:24

One question about your claim suggesting that "here's the picture" -- namely: is it?
Are those floating white orbs in the original item by the 'artist', or did you add them in? If the latter, surely it's worth mentioning; if the former then it's a rather interesting feature of the piece, and worth a remark or two ...wouldn't you say?
So which is it?

Tempo Dulu said... @ 14 April 2010 at 23:06

thanks for the comment Berto. The floating white orbs were added like you suggest - not by me but by another website which reproduced the image originally.

Unfortunately it seems that unlike our forefathers we have lost our innocence and tend to interpret such images more negatively. That's the purpose of the art I guess: innocence lost. Rgds

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