Sampoerna goes for Spurs

When I was just a little boy
I asked my mother what should I be
Should I be Arsenal, should I be Spurs?
Here's what she said to me:
Wash your mouth out son
And go get your father's gun
We'll ...

> Tottenham Hotspur fan song

Man U may have snubbed Mr Sampoerna. But not Spurs. But who can blame them? Thirty four million quid in sponsorship money ain’t to be sneezed at after all. Heck – for that amount of money Spurs would agree to put anything on their shirts – dodgy websites, iffy drugs, you name it - and not just the name of some obscure internet gambling company.

But Spurs ain’t gonna sit on the money.

Manager Jol is planning a summer spending spree, hoping to bring in the likes of Dimitar Berbatov, Pascal Chimbonda and Kim Kallstrom.

And the deal also works out quite nicely for Mr Sampoerna, cos if he ever does decide to go and watch Spurs play – God forbid - he can quite easily pop over to the London casino he is planning to buy through his investment vehicle Twinwood Limited (the deal still needs to be approved by London Clubs shareholders before it can go ahead).

So Greavsy, what do you think mate?


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