What’s on the TV tonight honey? Ghosthunters!!!

If there's something strange in your neighborhood
Who you gonna call?
If there's something weird and it don't look good
Who you gonna call?

I ain't afraid of no ghost
I ain't afraid of no ghost

If you're seeing things running through your head
Who can you call?
An invisible man sleeping in your bed
Oh, who you gonna call?
~Ray Parker Jr.

Most countries have their wacky TV shows. And Indonesia is no exception.

So tune into Lativi on Thursdays at 10.00pm and be prepared for one of the most bizarre TV shows every made: Sang Pemburu (the ghosthunters), an eclectic mix of the supernatural, martial arts and Islam!

And never has reality television been so bizarre.

The ghosthunters kick off proceedings with a group prayer.

This is a good morale booster, getting everyone in the right frame of mind, just as footballers have a pre-match hug before the start of a big game.

So spiritually charged up, the ghosthunters get down to business, searching the haunted house for anything spooky. And these ghosthunters don’t mess around either, putting together some pretty impressive martial arts moves that wouldn’t be too out of place in a Bruce Lee movie.

And as you might expect, it isn’t too long before they find something: a young man, seemingly possessed, is rolling around on the floor like a headless chicken, crying out for help!

Argggggggggggg!!!!!! Help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But don’t worry! These men are here to save the day:

Just take a look at that guy’s expression! We ain’t messing around here: this man needs help!

For some reason though, things go from bad to worse, and the poor young chap is soon drowning in a pool of chili sauce:

What happens now though is the power of prayer. Group prayer. And through their combined efforts, plus a few more fancy kung fu moves, they manage to exorcise the troublesome spirit from the young man and, to make sure it doesn’t cause any further trouble, place it into a small earthen jug (not shown), lid firmly on.

The young man then makes an astonishingly rapid recovery, and in a matter of seconds is back up on his feet and feeling much better. Luckily for him, he isn’t bleeding anymore, and he’s soon relating his story to the nice young female presenter:

Sang Pemburu. Thursdays at 10.00. Don't miss it!


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