Kapal Api for the World Cup

Indonesia may have the world’s only coffee to come out of a small furry animal’s bum (Kopi Luwak), but a Malaysian company has gone one step further by producing a coffee that doesn’t only peck you up but also pecks up your pecker at the same time.

A sure fire success for the company obviously, but the Malaysian authorities got suspicious and had the coffee tested.

And what did they find?


"We suspected something amiss upon finding out the price of this coffee powder. We then took a sample and sent it to our laboratory for testing and we found it contains Viagra. That's why it was called Kopi Kuat (strong coffee)".

"This particular case arose after the product was registered under the Food Regulations Act. Probably due to strong competition, the company involved put in other additional elements into its coffee powder as to make its coffee more tastier or special. This is what we call a post registration issue," he said.
Now that’s what I call a “special” coffee.

And with the World Cup kicking off tonight, Indonesians will no doubt be drinking tons of the stuff to stay awake to the early hours for the next month or so.

As for what brand to drink, Kapal Api is said to be good. And they even produce a “special” mix too…


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