Back from my hols, it's very early in the morning and I take out the compact flash card with all my holiday pics from my new Nikon D70 SLR camera, stick it into the PC card reader and what happens?

The PC freezes.


A few minutes later the inevitable Bill Gates error message comes up:

Cannot read drive G. Drive unreadable. Please reformat.

The compact flash card is corrupted.

So am I completely screwed?

Not exactly.

Most data from corrupt drives (harddrives, removable media such as compact flash cards etc) can actually be easily recovered as long as the drive is not physically damaged. You just need the right software. Like Ontrack’s Easy Recovery Professional.

So if this ever happens to you do not despair!

Simply reformat the compact flash (that’s right!) so it can be read, and this amazing software can recover files (even deleted ones) as long as they have not been overwritten.

Looking at the photos I’ve taken, I’m reminded again of why Bali is such a great place.

Tanah Lot

When can I go back?!!!!!


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