I couldn’t believe it as I arrived home late last night. Everything was so eerily quiet. But who’s to thank for this welcome change? None other than Indonesia’s state-owned electricity company PLN, that’s who! Cos in a beautifully timed blackout that leaves my residential area unaffected - serenity has once again returned to my neighborhood.

No need to try and cut a deal with the muezzin. And no need to offer him any of my fish. But the cats should be happy: the muezzin’s loss is their gain. Maybe God had answered their prayers instead.

Alternatively, of course, the 300 grand I had given to the tattooed Batak dude on the corner to “improve the situation” might have had something to do with it.

Whatever. Anyway, I had a great night’s sleep last night.

And so did my highly unattractive black-skinned buck-toothed Indonesian maid/wife (*) ;)

Indonesian maid

* note: like most expats in Jakarta I am a “maid fetish” and have a huge collection of costumes for her to try on.


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