Schapelle Corby is happy again!

While much of Australia reacted with predictable indignation to Schapelle Corby’s conviction three years back, the male inmates at Bali’s Kerobokan jail were more than happy that this Aussie beauty would be spending the foreseeable future in their company (unless she escapes of course). In fact, they probably couldn’t believe their good fortune. Every cloud has a silver lining. For them Corby must have seemed like some sort of angel magically spirited down from heaven. What they had wanted and dreamed about for so long presented to them on a plate.

And who’s the lucky man then? MichaĆ«l Blanc apparently. Young and good-looking, word from the inside is that Corby was a sucker for his irresistible French charms: you wanna make sexy with me?

Schapelle Corby

Her smile when meeting Indonesia's new Justice Minister says everything: I’m in love and happy. Congratulations Corbs!!!


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