Contradictions in Jakarta

It’s never nice getting the flu – especially when you’ve got things to do.

So to keep going I’ve taken some pills that the wife has given me.

God knows what they are, but I reckon they’re pretty strong. The strange thing about Indonesia is that the legal drugs available from drug stores are probably stronger than the stuff that is made illegal like E.

Anyway, the main side effect of the drug is to make me feel sleepy. No other choice then but to glug back a ton of coffee for a caffeine rush. But the effect is really weird. It’s like taking uppers and downers at the same time.

Everything’s a contradiction. I’m sleepy but feel really awake. The lights are bright but everything’s in shadows. And even the ugly little chick in the far cubical looks attractive today.

Things are rushing by but time seems to be standing still.

Conservatism rules but the latest Indonesian film is called “I’m sorry, but I’ve just impregnated your wife”.

I’m overloaded with work but have nothing to do.

White cigarettes are for wimps and kreteks (clove cigarettes) are for real men.

WTF!! Marlboro Kreteks !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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