The F Word

Indonesian censors don’t like the F word. That is why on some Hollywood films shown on Indonesian TV there are noticeable silences in the dialogue. And for films like The Godfather and Snatch there are so many gaps in the speech that it gets irritating.

But what’s funny is that while the censors do a pretty good job at silencing the dialogue at the beginning of the film, after an hour or so the dialogue is pretty much left alone. It’s as if the censors had said F___ it! and simply given up on the task at hand.

But, anyway, it ain’t as if the F word is that bad is it? After all, it has been used by many notable people throughout history:

"What the f__ was that?"
The Mayor of Hiroshima

“Go to hell with your f__ing aid”

"Who's gonna f__ing find out?"
Richard Nixon

"Heads are going to f__ing roll."
Anne Boleyn

“No I didn’t siphon off any f__ing money. Honest.”

"Scattered f__ing showers my ass."

“And why shouldn’t a woman be f__ing President?”

"What f__ing map?"
Mark Thatcher

"I need this parade like I need a f__ing hole in the head."
John F. Kennedy

“The mudflow has f__ing nothing to do with me.”
You know who


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