Lunar eclipse over Monas, Jakarta

The longest lunar eclipse in 11 years took place on Thursday 16 June 2011.
Lunar eclipse over Monas Jakarta

A lunar eclipse begins when the Moon begins to enter the Earth’s shadow. About two hours later, the color of the Moon changes from its normal grayish color to a reddish color. The red color comes about because light from the Sun as it reaches the Earth must pass through the dense atmosphere of Earth before reaching the Moon. The scattering of this sunlight produces the red coloring.

There are not many open places in Jakarta, so I went to
Monas, Indonesia’s national monument. Thankfully the skies were clear, and the moon was clearly visible despite the blanket of smog.

I framed the shot with the gold-tipped erectile providing the foreground interest. Amazing to think that this monument was erected just 40 odd years ago.

Events like this always make us think about the passing of time and how incredibly inconsequential we are.

As for Sukarno, he’s long gone of course. The 60s didn’t last forever. And most of us will be no more than dust in just another 40 years. Not long to go now. Days clicking past like seconds.

So I reckon it’s time I got started on
erecting my own Monas in my front garden in south Jakarta. But only one problem: where the hell am I gonna get the gold from?!!


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