Bvlgari: luxury for the rich in Bali

Bvlgari. A name synonymous with luxury.

But it’s no longer just jewelry and handbags.

Cos they are now into the hotel business!

The company opened its first hotel in one of the world’s trendiest and most fashionable cities, Milan.

This was soon followed by a hotel resort in Uluwatu, Bali.

Pretty amazing when you think about it. The cost of one night in one of the Bvlgari Balinese villas starts at US$1,000 – not that much less than the yearly income of a typical Balinese worker.

The resort is a joint venture between Bvlgari and Ritz-Calton and features 59 individual villas complete with home theater, terrace and private pool along with three two-bedroom villas of 500 square meters each and one super large 1,300 square meter Bvlgari villa.

The luxurious resort also has an oceanfront spa with hot and cold plunge pools, private beach, bar, Italian restaurant and Balinese restaurant.

Only a stone’s throw from the ricefields where Balinese farmers toil under the hot tropical sun, but in many other respects a world away.

Nice if you can afford it


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