Schapelle Corby has gone mad!

Schapelle Corby has gone mad!On the island of the Gods, paradise remains elusive for Schapelle Corby: so tantalizing close but always just out of reach. They build the prison walls high in Bali.

Yep: on the outside are the reasons why she fell in love with Bali in the first place (why we all fall in love with Bali) – the terraced rice fields, the sandy beaches and the enigmatic Balinese culture – and yet now, here on the inside, she has to endure the reality of being a prisoner in a third world jail. And it’s not nice. Not very nice at all.

So no wonder the poor lass has gone mad:

Associate Professor Jonathan Phillips visited Corby in prison earlier this month and says the former beauty student is "hanging on by a thread".

Dr Phillips, former president of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists, says the 32-year-old will continue to deteriorate unless she is moved.

"She is now helpless, hopeless, feels useless, she feels alienated, she feels removed from the rest of humanity," Dr Phillips told the Seven Network.

"By any normal definition of insane, Schapelle is sadly in that category.

But I don’t find this surprising. After all, who in their right mind could hack having to spend 20 years in a Balinese prison? Hell, looking back on it, I bet she wishes she had smuggled drugs to a place like Siberia. At least then she wouldn’t have to face the cruel irony of being locked up in an unforgiving hellhole with paradise looking down on her from all sides.

But is there still hope? Well, possibly. Just possibly there is


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