Grand Manhattan Club Borobudur Hotel

Borobudur Hotel is one of few hotels in Jakarta with any character and is located on very expansive grounds right in the center of the city, just opposite this chap, and also very close to the Jakarta Cathedral and Istiqlal Mosque.

The hotel is home to the Grand Manhattan Club, a pretty undistinguished bar where a small percentage of Jakarta’s one percent plot their devilish schemes, sink imported whiskies, and check out the few hookers that have wound up here.

The main attraction of the bar is the live music (every night Mondays thru Saturdays) as very few revelers come here just to admire the retro d├ęcor. 

All in all, it’s very much a hit and miss affair at the Grand Manhattan Club. You could end up having a fairly average night singing along to some old favorites that the band is playing, or, by contrast, you could get lucky and be in there when the flight crew of Air Asia just drops by…. :)

Grand Manhattan Club
Borobudur Hotel, 1st -3rd Fl
Jl. Lapangan Banteng Selatan 1
Telp (021) 384 2223


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