Mille's International Executive Club

You are hardcore, you make me hard. You name the drama and I'll play the part.

In a large metropolis like Jakarta, the competitive spirit is well-engrained and everyone is keen to outdo everyone else - whether it’s driving the fastest car, dating the hottest girl or just wearing the snazziest shirt. Jakarta’s nightclub scene is no exception, of course, and the winners are those who take things to the max: the sexiest dancers, the loudest sound system, the fanciest drinks. But there is one measure on which all nightclubs will ultimately be judged – how late they are open to! Over the years, more and more clubs have extended their opening hours but few can hope to match the legendary Mille's, a self-named “International Executive Club” (whatever is meant by that), which only really gets going after 8 o clock in the morning. Although this should mean that only the most committed revelers are still left standing, the unwritten rules are often flouted, and it’s not unknown for so-called “freetimers” to roll up fresh and made-up after having just dropped their kids off at school…

Inside the club it’s dark and moody. Night vision goggles would come in handy but your eyes do adjust after a while. Powders abound and not only when the ladies get out their make-up. There are two rooms – one small and rather claustrophobic – and a much larger “Techno Kota Room" where progressive house pummels your insides. And if you meet someone you like? Just invite them to breakfast!

Mille's International Executive Club
Lokasari Plaza
Jl.Mangga Besa Raya 81
Telp: (021) 625 5318


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