Secure parking. Not.

Consumer rights are next to non-existent in Indonesia and it really is worth bearing in mind the old Latin phrase caveat emptor (buyer beware!) before you purchase anything of value.

We all have our horror stories to tell but you have to be careful how you tell them otherwise you could find yourself in the surreal and preposterous situation where the company you are complaining about decides to bring legal action against you (as happened to a young woman who complained of the poor medical treatment she received at a dodgy hospital in Tangerang).

In the world of car parking things take on an equally surreal dimension with parking companies - such as Secure Parking - refusing to take responsibility if a vehicle goes missing whilst it is parked.

Secure parking adSecure Parking urge caution: but have they looked in the mirror recently?

Personally I know a number of people who have had their motorcycles stolen whilst parked “securely” and wondered how this could happen as a parked vehicle should only ever be allowed to leave the parking area if the mororist shows the parking ticket to the employee in the little parking locket when leaving.

Inside job comes to mind.

In the case of Anny R Gultom, she had her Toyota Kijang car stolen while parked “securely” in Mangga Dua Mall in 2000.

It’s taken her a long time (10 years) but justice has finally been done as Indonesia’s Supreme Court has just issued a ruling that obliges parking operators to assume liability for vehicles parked in the areas they manage.

And about time too.

But it’s another matter if the parking operators will actually pay up in other cases where vehicles are stolen.

So be careful where you park.

 lorry at Slipi junction
Or you could be very sorry!


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