Tematik Spa

Getting to this spa is a tough proposition - an infuriatingly slow journey in gridlock traffic to the outer reaches of north Jakarta, a nondescript wasteland as far as the eye can see, and a world away from the shiny skyscrapers, plush shopping malls and wide boulevards of the city center.

But make the effort and you are rewarded. Because once you enter the doors of Number 35, Jalan Jembatan Tiga, you are instantly transported into a modern-day version of an insalubrious Roman bathhouse, a sort of heaven (or hell?) on earth, surrounded by young, beautiful girls in varying states of undress.

Tematik Spa, Jakarta

Prices here are very reasonable if compared to more pricey establishments like Alexis and Oasis, especially considering the quality of the facilities at the spa. Highly recommended. So why not come and make a day of it? Hahaha!

Tematik Spa, Jakarta

Tematik Spa, Jakarta

Tematik Spa
Jl. Jembatan Tiga No. 35,
North Jakarta
Telp (021) 6669 0566

HP Don Santos 0858 8582 8089
BB Donsantos 29FCA41C
Desy 26CC1B20
Novi 297F7B71



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