D'Heaven Hotel and Spa

Go to Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company.
~Mark Twain

The concept of heaven is a strange one. Who was the first person to get waved through the pearly gates? How many people have been admitted so far, and can you (if you so wish) meet your ancestors and idols like Jimmy Hendrix, JFK or Julius Caesar? What age are the people in heaven? Are they as old as they were when they died - and do people actually age in heaven? Are there animals there? What type? Etc etc.

And how pleasurable is heaven anyway? Apparently, virgins may be on offer for the select and pious few, although many of us may not be eligible to partake in such divine pleasures.

For some, the problem is that heaven remains too distant, out of reach. What they want is something here and now, and so they try to create heaven on ol’ planet earth. This has been attempted in the Big Durian and the result is D’Heaven Hotel and Spa, a tidy little establishment tucked away in the affluent Jakarta suburb of Kelapa Gading.

And looking at the following selection of therapists, I’m sure that this is a vision of heaven that many will be happy with!

D'Heaven Hotel and Spa

D'Heaven Hotel and Spa

“Heaven is a place on Earth,” sang Belinda Carlisle. She just forgot to say it was in Jakarta.

Alamat D’Heaven Spa Kelapa Gading

Telp: (021) 29078822
website: D'Heaven Hotel and Spa


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