IMAX in Jakarta

IMAX in Jakarta

IMAX is the word’s most advanced format for motion pictures.

Until recently, in Jakarta, IMAX films could only be seen at the Keong Emas movie theatre at the Suharto inspired Taman Mini Indonesia complex in the outer reaches of East Jakarta.

The films shown at Keong Emas are educational films, however, and not Hollywood blockbusters.

What makes IMAX special is the super high quality and resolution of the images compared to conventional film systems.

IMAX 3D movies have astonishing depth.

The 3D effect is created by projecting two films simultaneously on the screen.

To view the film, viewers must wear special glasses with polarizing filters.

Even during very long films, the glasses are very comfortable.

In Jakarta, there are currently only TWO cinemas which show films in the IMAX format.

They are:

Gandaria City Mall, Level 2,
JL KH. M. Syafii Hadmazi No. 8,
Kebayoran Lama
(021) 29053218

Mall Kalapa Gading 3, LT.3
North Jakarta
(021) 45853821

If you have never watched a film in the IMAX format, I would suggest you give it a try – especially for a major Hollywood release that you really want to watch.

Tickets are more expensive but not prohibitively so.

At the end of 2013, the price of weekend IMAX tickets was Rp100,000 each.


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