Afterhour Jakarta

Change is about the only given constant in Jakarta’s mercurial nightlife scene and entertainment venues come and go very quickly.

So after a brief foray into the Chili's Grill & Bar Restaurant on Jalan Thamrin for a quick beer, I was very surprised to see that Afterhour Jakarta is still going strong some 11 years after it opened back in 2001.

Afterhour Jakarta

Quite what the secret of this upmarket billards joint is I’m not really sure – the drinks are very expensive for example – but it does have a great central location in the venerable Sarinah building and a DJ who spins some pretty wicked tunes.

And you might even get to make new friends! 

Cute Indonesian girl

Afterhour Sarinah
Gedung Sarinah Lt. 2
Jl.MH Thamrin No. 11
Central Jakarta
Telp (021) 3983 2047


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