Loewy Bistro Bar Jakarta

One of the best indications of whether a restaurant in Jakarta is any good or not – whether it’s a tiny little roadside warung or a posh and expensive restaurant – is how busy it is. Bums on seats is a very positive sign. This may be an old rule but it rarely fails. From this indication at least, the upmarket Loewy’s should be a very good restaurant – it always seems to be busy at any time of the day and at weekends it can be very difficult to get a seat.

A huge plus point in Loewy’s favor is its location – NOT inside some huge mall which is a nightmare to reach - but easily accessible in Mega Kuningan, near to the Chinese Embassy and a stone’s throw away from the Marriott and Ritz Carlton hotels.

Most impressively though, Loewy’s owners had the vision to do something almost unique in Jakarta – offer some outdoor seating! Add some candles to each table and what have you got? A relaxed and romantic venue which is the perfect place to take a date. No wonder the place is always full! 

What about the grub?
There are many upmarket restaurants in Jakarta but most of them unfortunately are pretty crap. They may look nice and the prices are high but ultimately the food disappoints. Luckily this is not the case with Loewy’s.

Here the owners are serious about serving good food and they offer a fairly wide range of modern bistro dishes; you know the stuff – from salads, pastas and steaks all the way through to classic Asian food. The ingredients are fresh and of high quality and the dishes are cooked as they should be. The chef at least knows his stuff. All in all, Loewy’s is very much in the mold of one of Jakarta’s most acclaimed restaurants and bars: the very stylish Potato Head. But then again that ain’t no coincidence – both places are owned by the same people!!!

Download the full menu here (right click, safe as)

The snazzy bar at Loewy’s is also very popular and many people come not for the food but just to have a drink. It can get rowdy late on. And who knows? Get lucky and you may be able to score some posh! Hahaha! 

Loewy Bistro Bar Jakarta
Ground Floor, Oakwood Premier Cozmo,
Jln Lingkar Mega Kuningan,
South Jakarta
Telp: (021) 255 42378


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