Alcoholics Bar & Grill (Kemang)

The medicinal benefits of alcohol are manifold, especially when consumed in very large quantities, and include: stress release, alleviation of depression, improved eyesight (that girl over there is a lot prettier right?), improved reflexes and coordination, and, most significantly, strong anti-sobriety qualities.

Although not generally available in Jakarta’s apotik (chemists), medicinal alcohol can be consumed in the premises of a number of independent vendors without prescription. Alternatively, some supermarkets (like Hero and Kem chicks) also sell the drug, but only for consumption in your own home.

Alcoholics Bar in Kemang is one particular establishment keen to cater to the growing number of users of this popular drug, and taking things a step further, they even incorporate alcohol into its food menu, serving its alcoholic patrons dishes such as Guinness Mini Burger, Southern Comfort Pizza and the ridiculously outlandish Beer Can Chicken. The Potato Wedges are one of the few items on the menu which are alcohol-free – but you can always dip them in your glass of whiskey.

As for me, though, I’m still a tad dubious about medicinal alcohol.

But then again, I just like to get pissed!

Alcoholics Bar and Grill 
JL. Kemang Raya no. 72 N, 
South Jakarta
Tel. 021 7195675
Twitter: @Alcoholics_Bar


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