Indonesia vs. Malaysia: bring it on baby!

“Indonesia” is the big, older brother who didn’t quite make it, living in a cheap rented house on the outskirts of Jakarta, and twice divorced.

His little brother “Malaysia”, in contrast, is nuevo-rich, stylish and confident – some would say cocky - and owns a luxurious apartment in uptown KL.

No wonder there’s no love lost between the two countries.

Sukarno didn’t like Malaysia much either and famously tried to “crush them” (Ganyang Malaysia) under his konfrontasi polices back in the 60’s. Read about that

Some 50 years later and the two countries are set to meet in the final of the Asean Football Federation Suzuki Cup, a two-leg affair that will either end in glory or soul crushing disappointment depending on who wins.

But which is the better country? Well, here’s my analysis. In the spirit of MTV’s Celebrity Deathmatch of course!

Freedom of Speech. Well there’s no contest here: Indonesia has a dynamic publishing and broadcasting industry while Malaysia persecutes bloggers and decides what things Malaysians read about and don’t read about (Indonesia *****, Malaysia no stars)

Democracy. Malaysia’s political system is designed to keep the government in, while Indonesia shows them how it should be done (Indonesia ****, Malaysia no stars).

Religious freedom. Still remember Lina Joy? Enough said. Again Indonesia is ahead of the game even if a minority of extremists do continue to pose a real threat (Indonesia ***, Malaysia **)

Chicks. Again a no brainer. Indonesian chicks are much hotter. Even the Malaysians will admit this – and some of ‘em are even coming over to Indonesia to find a hot Indonesian girlfriend just like the lovely Bunga Citra Lestari. (Indonesia *****, Malaysia **)

Bunga Citra LestariIndonesian girls like Bunga Citra Lestari are much in demand in Malaysia

The English (Norman Tebbit) cricket test. Malaysians can play cricket and Indonesians can’t. Malaysia wins this one easily (Indonesia no stars, Malaysia ***)

So all in all, a clear victory for Indonesia then. Malaysia is trailing way behind on nearly every measure. Even if they can play cricket!


  1. No offense but your argument isn't very objective in its comparison which might explain why Malaysia prosecutes some bloggers - especially if said bloggers are penalised for defaming their own government based on a skewed version of reality.

    To balance your arguments with facts:

    1. In June 1994 Jakarta banned three leading magazines and threatened a fourth(Tempo, Editor, Detkit, and Forum Keadilan). In addition it also restricted circulation of foreign publications(Newsweek, International Herald Tribune,and Straits times which contained coverage of the June press bans.

    2. Malaysia's form of governance has a similar structure to that of developed western countries such as Australia and the UK. Indonesia's stagnation of political reform which incorporates a higher quality democracy has restricted it's economies growth. Furthermore, their current political structure has faciliated corruption in the government as recently as August 8th 2011

    3. I haven't heard of any Malaysian terrorist bombings in recent times

    4. Beautiful Malaysians:!/photo.php?fbid=10150193512702395&set=pu.314022137394&type=1&theater

  2. Well, Jakarta did close down those magazines - but that was before the downfall of Suharto. Now Indonesia has a pretty vibrant press which is fairly critical and open.

    In terms of quality of governance, Malaysia is pretty good it's true. The legal system is also much better and Malaysia attracts investors by offering legal certainty. Indonesia is still way behind.

    As for the terrorist acts in Indonesia - well didn't the leader of JI come from Malaysia?

    All in all, Malaysia is a nice country and the people are great. But I don't think there's any arguing that it has a pretty authoritarian government.

  3. To anonymous your argument:
    3. I haven't heard of any Malaysian terrorist bombings in recent times

    It is because malaysia citizen dr.azhari and noordin bomb indonesia country

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