Illigals Hotel and Club, Jakarta

Whatever you may feel about this sprawling club in downtown Kota, you can’t say the owners of Illigals haven’t got a sense of humor. Illigals indeed! Hahaha!!!

Within the glitzy, gauchy slab of postmodern architecture are various facilities:

1) On the fifth floor is The Hotel with rooms starting from Rp250,000. Naturally, most guests don’t come here to sleep!

2) The Spa is located on the fourth floor. Treatments start at Rp150,000 but for a more invigorating experience you’ll have to pay much more.

3) It’s not only about lower body gratification at this club, as the extensive Karaoke facilities – one massive President Suite, six Royal Suites and 46 Deluxe rooms - should satisfy even the most demanding crooner.

4) The Lounge is an international standard restaurant – whatever that means - which serves a variety of cuisines and imaginatively entitled beverages such as Bed Rest, Fussy Girl, Hotline, Lady in Red and GString. Slurrrp!!!

5) The Club. Live music and, of course, those irrepressible sexy dancers.

6) Billiards. A game played with one stick and two balls. Nuff said methinks...

Illigals Hotel and Club, Jakarta
Jl. Hayam Wuruk No. 108
Jakarta 11160
Telp: (6221) 629.8899


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