Poste Kitchen + Bar, Kuningan

The effects of gentrification and a burgeoning middle class are manifold in Jakarta, and include among them the proliferation of the automobile and the opening of many trendy eateries, such as this one, Poste Kitchen and Bar in Kuningan, South Jakarta. A lot of effort – and presumably money – has been spent to create the top notch d├ęcor that Jakarta’s nouveau riche now demand; a far cry it must be said from the simple charms of a street side warteg. Yet the warm and welcoming ambience didn’t wholly convince me. It was too artificial and contrived. As if I was being tricked into believing that this modern shoe box really did have some character.

Ambience aside, and onto the menu. Equally contrived, of course, but then again that is the stated intention of fusion cuisine. You know the stuff: Fish and Chips, Yaki Beef Burger, Mac and Cheese, WTF!

The city slickers will certainly be in their element here.

The question is, however: do you really want to join them? 

Poste Kitchen + Bar, Kuningan

Poste Kitchen + Bar
The East Building Ground Floor,
Jl. Lingkar Mega Kuningan E.3.2 No.1
Jakarta 12950

Phone number: (021) 2554 2707 


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