ARCA bungalow, Legian

Strange little place this and the hotel staff, whilst not quite as disconcerting as a certain Mr Norman Bates, were still strangely standoffish and anonymous. In physical terms, this is really two hotels in one:

there are the original and rather run-down bungalows built God-knows-when...

ARCA bungalow, Legian Bali

... and then there are the newly-built two-storey accommodations which overlook the pool. 

ARCA bungalow, Legian Bali

The rooms are simple but I slept well enough. The breakfast? Well, about as basic as you can imagine. But it won’t break the bank to stay here and the beach is only 20 minutes away. Not too bad. And if you don’t like it, there’s always the Je-je Resort around the corner!

Arca Bungalow
Three Brother Street,


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