Diver's Cafe, Amed

I came across this place as I like to eat at the nearby Sama Sama restaurant in Jemeluk Bay - one of the best snorkeling spots in Amed.

Diver's Cafe, Amed Bali

They have various types of rooms, with some small budget rooms up on the first floor and a few nicer, larger rooms downstairs.

We stayed in one of the rooms downstairs.

Diver's Cafe, Amed

However, there were some problems.

Firstly, the beds are not up to scratch. They sag badly and unless you are one of those people who likes sleeping in a hammock you are not likely to sleep well.

Secondly, the restaurant is poor and overpriced – the breakfasts barely edible.

Thirdly, any loud noises coming from the room next to yours are easily audible due to the room’s poor design and construction. We had a couple next to us and whenever they opened or closed the bathroom door it sounded as if it were being done in our room! Not good at all.

We left after one night as we barely slept.

On a more positive note, however, the views were nice!

Diver's cafe view

Diver's CafĂ© 
Jemeluk Bay


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