Keong Mas – Indonesia’s huge Golden Snail!

In Bangkok you can find a 3-meter high golden Buddha. It’s pretty impressive and its estimated value has soared to at least US$200 million as gold prices have headed relentlessly higher over the last few years. Here in Jakarta, we have Keong Mas or the Golden Snail. Sure it’s not made of real gold but what it lacks in monetary value it makes up in sheer wackiness.

Keong Mas – Indonesia’s huge Golden Snail!

A huge gold snail? In Jakarta? You have got to be kidding me right?!!!

The zany edifice is located in former president Suharto’s “toy town” project, Taman Mini Indonesia, a sort of Indonesia in miniature theme park.

Inside the Giant Snail is probably Jakarta’s best IMAX Theatre.

Here you can enjoy ultra high resolution 3D movies. They are mostly educational and of the national geographic sort, so don’t come here expecting to see the latest Hollywood blockbuster!

The inspiration for the architectural design of the Keong Mas building comes from an historic Javanese story about a beautiful princess (Dewi Sekartaji) magically transformed and kept in a golden snail shell.

Not that she’ll be in the building when you visit. Unfortunately!

Keong Emas IMAX
Taman Mini Indonesia Indah
Jakarta 13560
Telp: (6221) 8401021


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