Best four ways to meet sexy Indonesian women in Jakarta

Come on
Stay on the scene
Like a sex machine

~ James Brown

And so here you are, Jakarta. You step off the plane, go uneventfully through immigration and customs before your heart starts to race a little faster with the buildup of adrenaline that comes from being in a faraway land. It’s like being a kid once again.

But then, BANG! It hits you: the humidity! Like being in a sauna. You wipe away the small beads of sweat that are forming on your forehead as willowy-looking men assail you from all directions shouting: “taxi mister, TAXI…” Which way should you turn? Watch your bags: you wouldn’t want to lose any of them!

Sweet smelling cigarette smoke clings to the air. A hijab, a miniskirt and most incongruously a man in a green colored uniform which looks way too tight. Hahaha!

Just what the fuck is going on?!!!!!!!

The taxi inches its way forward through heavy traffic. You’re not sure where you are but a heavy air hangs over the city. It’s bright but not sunny. There are no clouds. It doesn’t make sense. But then pollution never does.

Endless rows of shanties. Towering tower blocks. A city that looks like a cross between a lego town and a slum.

But don’t worry. These are early days. And first impressions can be very misleading…

Some weeks later and the intoxicating effects of the city have finally worn off. It’s like you’ve been here all your life.

And it’s time.

Time to find a woman.

But how? Well here are four ways.

1. Indonesian dating sites.
Embrace the digital age because it brings benefits in so many ways. And that includes dating. In Indonesia two dating websites stand head and shoulders above the others: Indonesian Cupid and Setipe. Setup a profile with a decent pic of yourself and you are away. But please remember this is Indonesia and so women will always say they are looking for a serious relationship rather than a fling. But don’t let that put you off. You can get an idea of who are the racier girls are from their online profiles – a tattoo is always a good lead for example!

2. Shopping Malls. 
Old school but worth a try. You’ve just got to have the balls to initiate conversations with girls you have never seen before. Often the department stores offer rich pickings, and the perfume counter girls can be especially frisky.

3. Jakarta night clubs and bars
This deserves a whole post itself and guess what – I’ve already written one!

Guide to Jakarta night clubs and bars

4. Exhibitions and shows
There are lots of exhibitions and shows in Jakarta, many of which showcase consumer products such as motorcycles, cars, computers, handphones etc. Not only are there female customers but large numbers of sales promotion girls (SPG), many of whom are approachable if you play your cards right :)

2012 Jakarta Motorcycle Show (6)


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