20 sexiest Indonesian celebrities (part 1)

Choosing the 20 sexiest celebrities in Indonesia is a nigh-on-impossible task, akin, perhaps, to shortlisting the best-ever goals scored in football, or the greatest singles ever to chart. There will always be omissions and because of the vast pool of talent in Indonesia there will be many of them. Nonetheless, despite this daunting task in front of me, I took on the challenge and, dare I say it, perhaps even succeeded in compiling a really compelling list of the sexist celebrities in contemporary Indonesia. Needless to say, the list will not please everyone. There are some notable omissions and some controversial inclusions. But it’s a list that should pique your interest. So read on. And enjoy!

Sandra Dewi
Indonesia doesn’t give up its secrets easily and it’s little wonder that foreigners often find themselves completely bemused. Things are upside-down, inverted, magnified and sometimes even back-to front. And this even applies to names. Dewi Sandra or Sandra Dewi? Well, both are correct of course, but refer to two completely different people. So don’t get confused and here’s how to tell ‘em apart.

Tiara Lestari
Famous for her legendary Playboy and Penthouse photoshoots, the former Javanese model Tiara Lestari strangely got camera shy and gave it all up for a quiet domestic life. Now married to a very lucky German!

Julia Perez
L'enfant terrible of the Indonesian showbiz world, the inimitable Julia Perez is a solid all-round performer: dangdut singer, actress, model, safe sex ambassador, DJ and even aspiring politician!

Julia Perez sexy in black bra

Ratu Felisha
Sometimes good girls do become naughty girls. Just like Ratu Felisha

Aura Kasih
If you asked the man on the street – and there are a lot them in Indonesia – the name of the Indonesian celebrity with the hottest bod, I’m pretty sure Aura Kasih - as pictured below - would be near the top of the list.

aura kasih

Novi Amelia
After doing a highly acclaimed photoshoot for Popular magazine, Novi quickly faded from the public eye. But with a bottle of Chivas Regal safely by her side, she made a spectacular comeback in 2012. The only problem - she was in her car at the time!

Novi Amelia sexy

Cynthiara Alona
Her name doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue but Cynthiara Alona is the talk of the town.

Cynthiara Alona sexy

Jennifer Kurniawan
With a scintillating bod, Jennifer is Indonesia’s best known WAG and the “off the pitch” distraction for Irfan Bachdim, a recently naturalized Indonesian.

Chantal della Concetta
Once a shy and demure newsreader, Chantal Della Concetta has shown that her talents extend to beyond reading the news.

Olla Ramlan
Possibly Indonesia’s most tattooed celebrity.

Part two to follow!


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