Budi, teruslah main bola

Good to see XL giving the two-pointed fingers up to the terrorist loonies in this defiant piece of advertising:

Budi, teruslah main bola
But advertising in Indonesia is not always this sharp, and sometimes they come up with stuff that is so wide of the mark that the other team would get a throw-in rather than a goal kick. A good example of this being
HM Sampoerna’s slogan for its recently launched super slim kretek cigarettes "Sampoerna Avolution":

Begin what Next

Er, you what? You what, you what you what?

Completely baffling even to native English speakers (including those with Philosophy and Linguistics degrees), I can’t imagine what Sampoerna thought the average Indonesian dude was going to make of it: that confusing consumers with indecipherable slogans is a good way to get them to buy the company’s cigarettes, perhaps?

Another really bizarre piece of advertising that I came upon recently was on an absolutely huge billboard in the Tanah Abang district of central Jakarta:

kopi kapal api iklan
Nope – means nuffin to me - and I don’t think I’m the only one in Indonesia who isn’t freezing his butt off either!


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