Top five places to get laid in Indonesia

5. Jogyakarta
As a university town, there are no shortage of hot undergraduates. At the other end of the scale are the city’s many massage parlors and treatment spas. Jogya certainly offers a challenge, but that’s why it comes in at number five on my list and not number one!

4. Bandung
Bandung is a cool, hillside city in West Java known for its old colonial buildings (the Dutch loved it here) and its nubile Sundanese women, who are among the most beautiful in Indonesia. You can meet girls in all the usual places, especially at nightclubs, bars and cafes. There are also plenty of unattached university students here. Watch out though for the cewek matre (material girls): they can empty your wallet as quickly as a piranha can devour a buffalo!

There are many beautiful women in Bandung, just like the delightful Baby Margaretha, pictured above.

3. Surabaya
Don’t be fooled by its melodious name: Surabaya is a hot and dirty industrial hub on Java’s north east coast. As a port city, Surabaya became famous for its massive red light district named Dolly, which, at its height, was home to more than 15,000 women– a huge number by any measure. More meaningful relationships can be made in the city’s cafes, shopping plazas, nightclubs etc, where you can meet all types of women ranging from vivacious university students to shop assistants, office workers and even bored housewives.

2. Bali
Bali is interesting in that you have a good chance of hooking up with either an Indonesian girl or (and?!) a foreign girl. The action is focused in the touristy south of the island, and particularly in the Kuta area, either at the beach during the day or, at night, at one of the string of raucous nightclubs. The Indonesian girls fall into two main categories – hard-nosed Javanese hooker types or experimental Indonesian girls from cities like Surabaya and especially Jakarta. So be careful. As for the foreign tourist girls, many are looking for a good time - they are on holiday after all - with “schoolies” particularly sought after.

Kuta Beach girls

1. Jakarta
All roads lead to Jakarta. Or at least they do in Indonesia! Sure the streets may not be paved in gold, but this vast and uncompromising megacity exerts such a pull that it is home to practically every ethnic group that can be found in this sprawling archipelago. Fiery Acehnese rub shoulders with their fellow Sumatrans, the Bataks and Padangnese, while other parts of the city are home to gentle-mannered Balinese as well as the Manadonese and Bugis from Sulawesi, and many other ethnic groups, most numerous the Javanese of course, and adding to the mix, the native Betawi as well as the Chinese and expatriates from around the world but especially Asia. In other words, the proverbial melting pot. Add to this a highly-defined social strata, encompassing the designer-label clad nouveau riche all the way down to the downtrodden kampong dweller, and you end up with a mindboggling number of permutations for the types of women you can find in the city. The typical Jakarta woman? Forget it – she doesn’t exist. At least not yet. As in many large cities, people tend to be busy and anonymity takes hold. Jakarta sometimes doesn’t even feel like Indonesia at all. But the opportunities to meet girls are endless. From the upmarket malls and trendy cafes and bars to the more seedy places of disrepute – especially the spas! – you never have a reason to be alone. The world, my friend, is your oyster. Or at least until the morning after. Or more likely until your money runs out!

Jakarta girl cantik dan seksi


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