"Obat Kuat" Indonesia

Given the draconian laws on drug smuggling in Southeast Asia, those unfamiliar with Indonesia would think that drugs are extremely difficult to come by here. But you couldn’t be more wrong. Indonesians simply love drugs.

In fact, I’d go as far to say that Indonesia is a nation of hypochondriacs judging by the amount of drugs they consume!

There are drugs for headaches, stomachaches, and backpain, drugs to make you slim, drugs to help you put on weight and drugs to alleviate the symptoms of flu.

There are even
drugs to make you hard. These “over the counter” drugs are of course widely available either at normal apotik (drugstores)or at bizarre street side shacks like this:

obat kuat
Viagra, or the "little blue wonder pill", is often consumed as an aphrodisiac in Indonesia. Many shops sell dodgy fakes at prices between 20,000 rupiah ($2.70) and 40,000 rupiah per pill while the orginals made by Pfizer sell for a much higher 80,000 rupiah to 160,000 rupiah.

The amazing thing about Indonesia is that the pharmacists don’t worry about such trifling matters as prescriptions. They’ll pretty much sell you whatever drugs you want as long as you have the money. And some of them, so I’ve been told, can be very Effective. Antidepressants anyone?

Traditional drugs are also 100% legal. The ubiquitous
magic mushrooms in Bali are a big hit. And if you want to do it like the locals, try chewing betelnut. But don’t be surprised if you never kiss again!

old woman betelnut


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