20 things you should know about Indonesian girls

1. Unlike Western women who can’t drive to save their lives, Indonesian women are the best drivers in the world. I know this because my woman overtakes other cars at 130kms/hr on the inside safety lane of the Jakarta-Bandung toll road while, at the same time, keying in SMS text messages.

2. Indonesian woman love shopping. Indonesian woman love shopping. Indonesian woman love shopping.

3. According to the Indonesia Bureau of Statistics, 43 percent of 18- to 34-year-old Indonesian women live with their parents. So be very very careful if she invites you back to her place or you might get much more than you bargained for.

4. Indonesian women think dark skin is bad, but they still adore Anggun.

5. Thirty-two percent of women in Jakarta now color their hair, according to Estee Lauder (who are obviously hoping they can peer-pressure the other 68 percent).

6. Jakarta women can't live without tension. Every once in a while she's gonna pick a nasty fight with you for no reason whatsoever. There’s nothing at all you can do. Plan to spend your weekend at the gym instead.

7. Tattoos used to be very very bad but have become more acceptable in recent years (especially small artfully done works). But tire treads usually spell big trouble of course.
cewek Jakarta
8. Don’t call her “Manis”. That’s what they call kids. “Sexy” is best and “Sayang” is cool, but “awesome” is okay when she’s slightly pissed.

9. A lot of Indonesian women like dodgy Indonesian pop music. Really dodgy Indonesian pop music. Don’t say you haven’t been warned!

10. If you have something to hide, she’ll find it. Be especially careful of whose namecards you have in your wallet, the shenanigans on your hard drive and the names of your “contacts” in your handphone.

11. Over the course of her life, an Indonesian woman will use 10 men for every one she loves. If you’re paying for her younger sister’s education and you’re not getting any rewards yet, you're one of the 10.

12. Indonesian women will spend hours on a treadmill but they don’t like walking. Understand that. I once had to waste 30 minutes sitting in a taxi to get to the Hard Rock in horrendous traffic rather than use the bridge over Jl Thamrin.

13. If they're going to cheat on you, most Indonesian women do so between the ages of 18 and 64.

14. You'll probably never know how many guys she's been with. The standard lie is she had been a cherry and that you were the first!! Hahaha! In truth it’s somewhere around 10-15.

15. Unlike Western women, Indonesian women don’t have to pretend that they have small feet. They do have small feet.

16. Indonesian women hate the sun, so take an umbrella with you if you go on a beach holiday to Bali.

17. If an Indonesian woman needs reassurance about her bust size, just say they are fine. You don’t want to emotionally cripple the poor thing for life (or pay for breast implants).

18. The average yuppie woman in Jakarta owns 27 pairs of shoes (in addition to 3 pairs of aerobic trainers), 19 bras, 38 pairs of panties, 67 T-shirts/tops and 25 pairs of jeans.

19. If you’re playing around, gain her trust by calling her at 10 P.M while you are in some seedy Blok M bar. She’ll go to bed happy you’re thinking of her, even if you’re getting pissed.

20. Indonesian girls who say, “I love sports!” are lying. Indonesian girls don’t like sports. They much prefer to sit down and take it easy!

Cewek Ancol, Jakarta 1


  1. I didn't know that I am not an Indonesian woman! But these girls you are speaking about must be bule chasers. Bule chasers are a different breed, they are women, yes. They are Indonesian (or thai, chinese, vietnamese, japanese etc) but they are not the norm.
    If you meet my crowd I think you'd be so amazed how alike we are to your white women, except that we are more diplomatic as in we know how to treat men and we know how to keep them happy. Plus we dont need to be a bitch and castrate our men, we get we want because we treat him with the respect he deserves.
    If you can't find anymore Indonesian women like this (and not in bars/cafes/club/discos/tempat mesum of choice) then my guess is that we are too busy with our lives and whatever activities we have that do not include bule chasing. ;)

    1. Well i found indonesian girls the most stupidest creatures ever, when i searched about the average IQ score of indonesian girls i wasnt surprised,and the funny thing is they have no idea how stupid they are. Apart from their personality They think money is everything and will do any shit it takes to find some money,

    2. Wow you're too sarcasm unknown. Money is not everything even though is important and we don't do any shits just to make money.

    3. Im indonesian girl . Ig : ndnv25 maybe we can be friend

    4. Yes agree. This is poor bule he thought that indo girl can fuck for free

    5. I one of them staff from bar bule in Blokm that time 2003 till 2005.. NOT all woman just take money from bule except they is Bitch...I also have so many experiences working in bar bule like what.yess indeed many wise nd humble bule..but yess many bitchiess except staff just use bule for fuck for earn money...nd many stupid tolol bitchiess too in Blokm that time...dont d know about anything except money...for you all para bule just see nd thinking first if wanna get indo Woman should details for everything...maybe she get infection HIV. Or something..
      Just be careful 😂
      Sorry bad English.

  2. This is just a bit of fun, not to be taken (too) seriously, Rima!

  3. but rima's right. stereotypes are not fair. you might write it for fun. but it can misguide someone totally clueless about indonesia and the women.

  4. well it's a joke post, but there are elements of truth - either from personal experience of tales I've heard - in all the points above. Having said that, I'm not suggesting it's typical behavior, rather merely possible.

  5. Tho I agree it is quite stereotypical and that I disagree with a lot of points (apparently I'm not Indonesian too! *gasps*)
    But I have seen these behavior anyway on some girls. (It's quite disappointing since it brings this... "Materialistic opportunistic wannabe princess" label on the other girls who 'don't happen' to be like these girls mentioned above, especially seen thru the eyes of foreigners, or shall we say bule?)
    Buuutt!! I did find this article funny! And yes, there's some truth to it since I've seen these behavior with my own eyes anyway. ^^
    Owh, and yea, I'm not interested in sports. Definitely. But I dig extreme water sports n martial arts :D

  6. Denial Denial Denial... I am an Indonesian Dude, been dating a typical Indonesian Girls all my life, and these things fits em all.. Or Maybe because they're Manado Girls.. btw your posts are fun to read. You should be writing for cracked.com

  7. Dasar bule blok M lo!

  8. That's funny, I don't remember ever reading this post and writing that first comment above!
    Funny stuff, and I love #13, 19 and 20 cos it's bloody true!

  9. its because our skin easily to burn . and we are have sunlight enough ...
    I know may be you like the sun. cause it dont have sunlight enough?!

    sorry , I wish you can get that :)
    respect full

  10. do not talk more,its not about all Ina girl.lol

  11. Ahahahaha. I agree with the comments that these are signs that the Indonesian girl is a bule chaser. Although I have to admit, number 1, 3, 10 and 16 fit me perfectly :p It's funny, tho :))

  12. the no 1 is weird,whenever i see a slow,or annoying car,i will quickly assume that the driver is a girl or still trying to learn driving a car,if you think that indonesia girl is a good driver,than indonesian male is better driver,this is the land without speed camera,anyone can be all fast and furious here (try in outer area of jakarta). just be prepared of consequences since we dont have any emergency line like 911.

  13. I am Indonesian,i hate walk under the sun coz whitening so expensive....yeah,this article just for fun rite :)

  14. Kasian ini orang. Gaulnya sama cewek cewek nakal. Dipikirnya semua cewek Indonesia matre, manja, gatal, dan manipulatif semua.

    I know you wrote this for fun, and without bad intention. Still, it irks me a lot the way foreigners (to be more specific: Caucasian dudes) see us as they see their friends who are probably "gila bule" type of women from low-middle class of society, and people who are bule wannabe, and "nouveau riches".

    I think foreigners need to minggle beyond their current social circle that is "itu itu saja", to expand their horizon about Indonesian people in general.

  15. Man youre not writing about Indonesian girls, you must be a bule . Im sorry but the "Indonesian women" you are talking about are golddiggers, more like bulediggers. They are like 2 out of 100, you can see them by their clothes and hairs in south Jakarta. And Indonesian women dont do tattoos , they are Muslim. If you see an Indonesian girl with a few tattoos better use a condom . Peace. Trust me im indonesian

  16. Im Indonesian woman and I can Balance Between Traditional Personality of Me and My Modern Minded, I could be modern sometimes depend on situation and conditioned and sometimes I could be more traditionaly, itulah kehebatan wanita indonesia, sehingga bule-bule itu suka wanita indonesia

  17. I think indonesian girls are innocent,yeah they loves bule cuz bule different long nose n white skin.. real indo girls even loves bule they ll hardly to be with bule cuz real indonesian girls dont wanna sleep with guys before married, they afraid that its a sin, ... so if u find indonesian girls who easy to sleep with bule, probably she is easy girls unlike many common indo girls mostly they are shy.. many indo n western broke up cuz they indo girl dont wanna sleep with guy before married unless the guy promise to always be with her n marry her,, some may sleep with him... so if wanna be with the nice indo girls who really love u n who really they are is not sleep with them,,
    Sorry for my bad english..

  18. This actually depends on each individual. For number 4, I really love my dark skin and the last, I do sport routine in every week :).
    By the way, I have a western boyfriend and we are already having sex, but I admit I have so great sexual desire, and this is not a folly that I did. I think the relationship is not merely to sexual matters, but the love I have to my bf is much greater. we spent time with a lot of good new things.
    I just want to emphasize that don't judge a woman like me is a slut woman, and don't judge they are all just want money. I have love. I really appreciated anyone who respect a woman like me.

    1. You should never call yourself a Muslim..that would be very bad for our name.. indonesians don't know what Islam is.

  19. lol I'm an Indonesian woman and I love this article. Especially #4.. I love my dark skin but everytime I go out someone's bound to say "You're not gonna wear a jacket?" nah, I prefer to be sexy in my bikini.

  20. Poor Dude, you sound so bitter!! I think you should hang out in the right place like churches and mosques :) btw, if you're an expat, good girls can be found in your offices, professional organizations, or community volunteers, but... I bet your office friends know that you're a maniac, therefore to find satisfaction you need to go to these hookers and ending up with bitterness.

  21. I looking different topic but then found this article.
    I am from Jakarta and move to Bali working n have business in Bali now nearly 4/5years, n I am totally opposite from this article, I am independent I do like sport specially oz rules soccer tennis golf but some points true Indo people's don't like to walk as I think different culture as it will be different when you growing up in Australia totally different behavior but you can't compare mate, as many people's said oz people's r stupid and I met many clever n educate oz!
    So for me this article is a joke n shame you met hooker hahahaha
    It's not nice to write like this and exactly I am opposite from that you write!
    Love swim love sun love walk love sport I have good job and etc


  23. Funny...... Dude, I'll tell you this. If you want an completely obedient women that will DO anything for you and loyal... go for javanese women... the traditional ones, okay? Of course, if only you can gain her trust......

    Sorry for my English......

  24. I think not all Indonesian girls like that , perhaps you just need to move to different place to find the good Indonesian girls and I believe that more women are good than bad in indonesia .
    (sorry if my english is bad)

    1. I agreed with you,not all is like what the wrote on top

  25. Shame on you.! I am Indonesian. I'm doing workout 3 times a week. I am not afraid of sun! do you ever heard "Sunblock product with 40 more spf" and I am 22 years old female Indonesian. Having a good job in Oil gas company' I am working with Australian. british, american, Philippine, Korean , you name it!

    and I am not living with my parents. and about shopping? come on every girls in the world love that!
    I love my olive skin. sometimes darker if I am swimming at the beach. but it doesn't matter though I am still gorgeous !

    I am muslim and don't have tattoo and you know what I love Jazz and R&B and also Techno music!

    And I never using a man with any purpose.

    for your information Indonesian woman is gorgeous, smart and have attitude!

    if she not ? that she don't have a good knowledge (orang Kampung)

    see ya moron!

  26. Hello,
    I just want to say, try to have friends of GOOD women. Good women ( regardless wherever she's from ) are not like what u've written.
    Particularly GOOD Indonesian women, they will not that easy to have a close relationship with a caucasian guy, it is normaly because of her culture and religion.
    A good Indo woman won't have sex & live together with her bf b4 they got married. A fact that all of caucasian think it is very funny. But it is very serious to us ( I am Indonesian).
    So just broaden ur horizon, do not find good Indo girl in bar or night club, good Indo women dont go to that places, believe me, it is not our culture.
    Unless you will meet bule chaser again.
    hv a nice day dude !

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. I think Indonesian girls lie, Cheat & Steal!
    You should've put that!!

    Plus I agree with the ten men but I would say they do it all there life

    The Indonesian lady I know is cheating on her husband with 5 different men

    She buys them all presents sends nudes of herself she's nasty and she's married so I fail to believe they believe in sex after marriage!!!

  29. I love brown skin girls, specially Asians, Indonesian in particular. why? simply chemistry.

  30. i think somebody told you already about "don't judge a book by its cover". you use "Jakarta Girl" to describe everything about Indonesian girl, hey dude... that's not fair. i hope next time you will use your "smart brain" to do something more positive. I live in Bali, I'm an Indonesian girl. And nothing that you have written above can describe correctly about trully Indonesian girl.

    1. yap u right,this mother fucker wrote the nonsense article n now my bf believed that
      fuck her/him

  31. in my opinion number 6 and 10 is 85% correct. lol ;)

  32. I hate Indonesian girl. I love her so much i give her my everything but she break my heart she make me fool. But i want she always happy. :'(

    1. What was her name? Where did you met her?

  33. Well I'm an Indonesian girl. But I've never had a boyfriend. I don't have a tatto, I don't hate the sun.None of those facts are true. This article is a joke right..?. But I have friends who have those personalities. Everyone have different personalities :)

  34. you got wrong about Indonesian woman. It just in cafe or bar only. They love their culture and respect religion. Open your mind friend.

  35. Some the oppinions of it are true, most of them are rubbish.

    What you describe here is not general indonesian woman, but a bule (foreigner) chaser. These kind of woman are somekind of gold digger that chase foreigner for financial purpose.

    About ur comment on indonesian girls:
    No.12 and no.16 are mostly correct for indonesian (men or woman) in big city (jakarta, surabaya, etc).
    Mostly, we hate walking and we hate the sun, especialy mid day sun.
    Unlike europian who gets real sun only about 2-4 month a year, we indonesian gets sun all year, 365 days, unless it is raining. So yes, i prefer to stay under the shadow of a tree.

    As of walking, in big cities most of us (men&women) hate walking, the fumes from the overcrowded vehicles on the road is bad for health. Walking mid day just make everything worse.

    Other than those 2, everything u describe is only true for bule chaser

  36. Well for me, as I read your blog, all I can say is it sounds "Lazy indonesian woman" here in philippines we filipina are family oriented,caring,helpfull, cleanliness is a must, and we can walk a milies miles even if the day is hot, cause for us we nEed to safe money for fare, budget it, and at the same time you can burn callories, and its also part of Exercise

  37. Ok. Just for fun now. I am Indonesian woman, i was a martial art athlete (karateka). I like the sounds of natural things, rain drops, etc, i have enough tan already so I dont need the sun, i hate shoping, I am a peace activist. I ride my motorbike all the time, i wear hijab, i am a javanesse, loyal, and I am taken. Lol. I'm lucky to have met a good sincere caucasian man that is honest, caring, wise, pro-justice, open minded, have faith in Allah, has blue eyes, brown hair, pointy nose, kind hearted gentleman. Alhamdulillah.

  38. Dude, you just know bad girl in Indonesia. There are many good Indonesian women here. They are very truthful, honest, and wise. You are just so narrow-minded to know Indo ladies. You have no idea about my culture, dude!

  39. Well instead of blaming the foreigners sometimes we need to also reflect on how our people behave. These "bule chasers" are Indonesians and they must have gotten all these stereotypes as a result of their own slutty beings. I am an Indo myself and am ashamed sometimes on how our own people degrade themselves.

  40. I have an Indonesian girl friend and she is the most wonderful woman I ever met good girl beautiful and most of them have a nice backside.
    But is true they don't like dark skin even they use make up to look pale

  41. I'm sort of offended reading ur post dude tbh. I'm 100% an indonesian girl, and most of ur points are definitely wrong. Like so many of the comments here, yes perhaps u met some "bad" Indonesian women (who absolutely still in minority here). Ur writing is such a subjective assumptions, so please don't make it like those of ur points as the real characteristics of Indonesian women. That makes us look disgusting for God's sake.

  42. I am sorry to say right or wrong,
    We cant scale all women on same way, but its true
    Western culture in Indonesia , vanishing the culture n values of loyalty , but one should use his/ her wisdom to adopting others culture..
    Specially more open n liberal culture destroying society n pleasure of true relationship.

  43. This comment has been removed by the author.

  44. You're talking about bule chaser women dude, so you might have to change your caption from '20 things you should know about Indonesian girls' to '20 things I have known about Indonesian Bule Chaser' or whatever it might related to those girls you known as your object standard. Because that what suits based on your experienced. I don't agree for some of your points of view, there are thousands strong woman out there all over Indonesia you should know. I would be really appreciate if you do research to all the girls over Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke so you know how it's exactly, make sure that's valid. You just know only some maybe not even hundred girls.Don’t put all the same and I do recommend you to travel around not only staying in Blok M. Lol 'Kurang Piknik ni Bule'

  45. Lol,,,

    how fun you describe indonesian women.
    and fvcking true!!

  46. The zero interest in sports explains a lot of the physiques in Jakarta.

  47. So true but very reserved. Been married to a Indo girl for 9 years. The only positive thing that came out of it all are two amazing kids. Otherwise its been the most toxic relationship I have ever been in.. My fault but the woman bleed me dry and now she is off to find another sucker.. Role on the 19th Divorce day. Guys Indo women don't go there.

  48. Well you can say whatever about indo woman. Obviously you only spent your time on night clubs.. Why don't you look at your self..Hehehe and maybe you deserve to get a woman like that anyway...

  49. Why this articel get so manny comment -.-
    Indonesian women might be dont like sport but some of them really good at it
    And yes the majority of woman in indonesia was not had a healthy life style and that kinda thing so they hate walking and when it goes to the gym .. One thing they can do is walking at treadmill for 1

  50. well all I wanted to say is get out from your nighteyclubey.
    being tanned doesn't mean we all hate that, tho.. well.. mostly yes, but don't forget that there are some people who don't.
    but hell yes we are lazy as logs and cherries are still existing, you are just talking about Jakartans in general. Take a look around Sumatran women, man, it would give you different results. *I am a Javanese raised in Sumatra and now living in Jakarta, I fucking know*
    and, oh, my man has a good shot then, I can say I am not a golddigger, I do hate shopping, I don't go to gyms, don't do makeover, and I have a perfect tanned skin. Man, I am so proud of it. And he likes me for what IIIIIIII aaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmm :p

  51. i am 100% sure you went to those cheap bars in blok m alot!
    let me tell you, what you have mentioned above are actually jakarta whores that spread all over the bars..

    not those who works in the office and have their own money!
    i feel pity for you, that you probably just keep dating whores you just met at the bar and keep changing with other whores from another bar..

    well, i am indonesian, have a fair skin and i dont get bothered of being tanned, i share my apartment rental with my oz bf, i pay for our dinner sometimes and we share the expenses when we go for a holiday.

    just a suggestion, date someone who works in the office instead of someone who works at blowjob bar in blok m.

    not all of indo girls are like those typical bule hunter!



  52. this is true of bule chasers
    yea my writing is shit so what
    my ex is like this always shopping
    takes me to her family village says i was the only guy she take there
    wasnt true since she left me when i was in australia she has always had a new man only lasting a few months
    before finding a new one, i met her agian and she thinks its funny to use guys and get as much money as she can even if its a place to live and free food
    she lies about everything and anything
    good women in indon but shes got a tattoo now and lip rings and yea speaks great english and is a really bad whore tiwie her name is

  53. Just to clear some points here.
    Some Indonesian like shoppping some do not. I don't like shopping more like window shopping (lol) I go for shopping only when I need the items/will neeed in near future and there is a sale (again lol) or when I earn more than usual. But I prefer to spend on travelling tho (staring far away).

    At a time I have only around 40 tops, 6 jeans, 6 shorts+ 10 loose tee & 5 boxers for & a pyjama for sleep. 2 pairs of trainers, 2 pairs of casual shoes, 2 pairs for special occasion.
    I know friends who have more than what I mention and those who have about the same as I do.

    I do avoid the sun but I bring umbrella with me. A jacket/long sleeve blouse with a hat is enough. I'm tanned enough and would like to keep my natural fair skin fair.

    I prefer walking to get me to places (max 2 km). I don't treadmill. Those who do usually have little time left in their day and do it out of safety reason.

    As for cheating Indonesian women as well as Indonesian men and people around the world they cheat and some do not. But rest assured there is still a large number of Indonesians avoiding sexual cheating ha ha.

    Last thing, those who say good girls don't go to clubs and have no tattoo must check their facts. Many good girls go to clubs and have tattoo and many bad girls have no tattoo and never been to clubs. I myself have never been to a club but I'm not branding those who have as not good. Tattoo doesn't corrupt your moral. Your close-mindedness does!

  54. Personally I was in a relationship with a Flores woman 4 more than 1 year... and she is more worst of this article. Never see a woman use other ppl like her. She was catolic and no tattoos. She steal money to her relatives and to me too. She act very bad with poisoned tongue. But I can tell her thanks... because I get good lesson. Not make all general about indo womans.... a lot of my friends find a good wif between Jawa and Bali.... and I find a good traditional woman in jogja with full of tattoo that take care of me, take care of the house in indonesian traditional way. And take this article like 1 "how to" 4 recognize bad woman's, out side here there is a lot of woman's, some good and some bad.... mostly with bule are bad because want to find a "good life" = make nothing and spent money (like all the woman's in the world) but in indo u can find more woman's good 4 make family in comparisons to bule putih woman's.... Shanti Shanti Shanti.

    1. I am Flores women and i am sorry to hear your bad experience with the women from my island.I can say that may she us from Flores but her attitude is not Flores women as the real Flores women is not like that!! Maybe you can explain where she lives and where did you meet her!!

  55. continued...
    and some men are stupid enough to find out they were ripped off due to their lacked of sensibility wondering whose got lowest IQ.. ������

  56. Well, in any country, any city or even any religions, there r good women n bad women. Maybe u just met d wrong person. I'm Indonesian n i think you can't describe Indonesian women all d same specially for those bad points Bcoz i see there r so many who really honest, independent n open minded. So next time try to find in d right place so u will get d qualities u expected.

  57. agreed to your point!
    i date a few indonesian girl.. dont believe you're the only boy in their life
    they have backup guys in their life
    you will never know when they will cheat on you

  58. You get what you are deserve😉..

  59. Just an advice from laki2bule to laki2bule.
    I have seen these guys, these girls, those guys and those ladies.
    If you're a guy that is just looking for sex, you will most likely find a girl that is just looking for money.
    If you're a good guy with sincere intentions and you found a good Indonesian lady that you love and who loves you, and you want to get involved in Indonesian culture, don't waste too much time on dating, but marry her and do your best to make her happy. Then you will get the good things, including good sex for a lifetime.
    Of course there is no guarantee, and a good guy may get a bad girl, or a bad guy a good girl.
    A good lady won't ask any money of you, even if she is poor, but you are expected to contribute if there is need. But only after you're married, so make sure to find out about her environment, how she treats her friends and family, and how she is treated. Develop some sensitiveness. I know it's not easy for Western guys (learn about high/low context cultures, so you can understand).
    You will increase your chances to find a good lady, if she is from smaller city, far away from tourist centers, has a university degree, and if she's a hijabi lady.
    Believe me, they exist, you just need a little effort to find her. Learn a bit of the language(s) so you can survive outside the tourist centers. It's no rocket science.
    I have such experience with Minangkabau lady, but of course others are fine as well, from Aceh to Papua. Your choice.
    Greetings from Germany

  60. Damnit!This post is 10 years older and still popping up only because this stereotypes are fairly incorrect for most Indonesians ladies! Yes there are always bad and good ladies in each country but I think these stereotypes are represented the-not-right-one kind of lady! Based this author' experienced while dating an Indonesian, it sure is that he was seeing with a gold-digger type of girlfriend.
    Believe me, if you were looking after/dating with a 'decent' lady in this country, you better go to the countryside because the majority women there are more 'innocent', but it doesn't mean that those city gals aren't.
    If you ever met an Indonesian lady whose shy, having good education/job, doesn't smoke nor drink, and is religious one, chance is she might what you're looking for!
    Oh anyway, I have to agree with the fact that many of Indonesian' women doesn't like sport because I'm one of them! ;)
    Ps; don't forget that we meet who we deserve!
    *Okayyyy this's just my 2 cents*

  61. woah really !?
    why I feeling like this article trying to make ''all Indonesian Women" look bad ?
    I mean, almost all the criteria was negative thing, which is sad people might think that was true,
    I don't know who you are, but in case some Indonesian Women you ever met ever do bad things for you, I'm so sorry but please don't make it look like all Indonesian Women was like that,,
    thank you, have a good life ~

  62. Hai Author! Your observation is absolutely right about indonesian women BUT only for the Gold Digger one or we can say "Bule Hunters".

    Having 11-15 men is extremely too much for normal Indonesian lady but way too normal for Bule Hunters. If you are bule who wrote this and your women ahve western lifestyle which means having sex before marriage, eksotic skin or yellow skin (Chinese decent), smoking, going to club/pub. Then yeah! Your observation completely RIGHT!

    Even Many of my female friends, got married to their first boyfriends, and the others usually had 3-4 boyfriends and married the last one.

    The gold diggers women will try to get YOUR MONEY and they don't care that you are old or young. For the bule hunters one they don't care you are rich or poor in your country as ling as you are BULE (foreigners/white people).

    So, for the rest of the women (are not bule hunters), then a lot of points on this post are wrong.

  63. Most women don’t know this... but even if a man is attracted to you or even says he loves you...

    ...chances are he still feels something is missing.

    Because there is a secret, emotional need hidden within his heart that he craves more than anything.

    And in most cases, is not being met.

    The problem is, if it’s not being met, his attention will inevitably wander until he finds a woman who can give it to him.

    Maybe one in a thousand women knows how to do this instinctively, and they usually rise to unbelievable levels of influence and fame.

    But most women, or men for that matter, don’t even know it exists.

    On the other hand, when you have this 1 simple secret...

    You won’t believe the shocking effect you have on the men in your life.

    Here’s a video I discovered that shows you exactly what I’m talking about:

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  64. All that u talked about are bule hunterss, gold diggers, n they only looking for your money. Im indonesian girl, and i dont like ur statement, we can get our own money

  65. Hi man😅 u r sad kinda person. Listen to Abraham Hicks quote about LAW of ATTRACTION. No matter what ur parter personality..
    What energy that u bringing on u, you will attract ppl with the same vibration. If u hv low vibration, u will attract ppl on the same level as u. So learn to be not JUDGEMENTAL. Send u love n light😇

  66. An Indonesian lady said to me when I was in Bali after meeting her for the third time at a warung that I am handsome. Does she mean this? :-)

    1. of course no. Maybe she was talking about your wallet or your gold credit card

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  68. Unfortunately in my experience Indonesian girls are not open minded and tend to fit in a mould shaped by their religious bullies.


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