Michelle Leslie in Bali

Michelle Leslie
Indonesia is an unpredictable place. You should always expect the unexpected. Maybe it’s something they put in the water. But whatever it is, the story of Aussie model Michelle Leslie arrested in Bali for drugs possession back in 2005 was simply astonishing to say the least. Because, right out of the blue, Michelle Leslie, who had earlier been posing in raunchy photoshoots - covered in nothing more than body paint - was soon donning the full Muslim headdress!

But why? Bali is a Hindu island after all. And what’s more, her actions caused such an uproar back in Australia that her family had to make a public apology to offended Muslims who quite understandably though she was taking the mick.

Although Michelle’s spokesman Sean Malcahy claimed that she first started practicing Islam 18 months before visiting Bali, he then went on to say:

“She also decided to use the headdress, which covered her entire face with netting over the eye area, to avoid unwanted attention from journalists, cell mates and prison guards”.

Michelle shared a cell and the other women constantly ribbed her about her good looks, because they were jealous, Mr Malcahy said.

"They gawk and the guards gawk and want to touch her," he added.

My God: no wonder she wanted to cover up!


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