Thank God for Tiara Lestari

Why do terrorists set off bombs? You could ask the terrorists, of course, but most journalists don’t want to do this. It could be a Pandora’s box: the findings might not fit in with the West’s notion’s of political correctness. This is exactly what Australian News found out when they asked radicals in Java to explain why the bombings took place:

Muhammed Khozin told The Australian at his home in Tenggulun, East Java, that his community didn't care about the October 1 Bali bombings because they were not linked to people from his village.

Mr Khozin's younger brothers Amrozi and Mukhlas were sentenced to death and Ali Imron to life imprisonment for their roles in the attacks on the Sari Club and Paddy's bar, which killed 202 people, including 88 Australians.

Mr Khozin said the behaviour of Westerners in his country was to blame for the radicalism adopted by his brothers.

"Alcohol, bikinis, that kind of thing makes Muslims angry. Don't do that when visiting a country with a Muslim majority," he said. "I'm sorry, Australian culture makes war on morality. They come to Bali with bikinis, they make war on morality. Not physical war, morality war. Respect the culture and religion of Indonesia."

His son, 19-year-old university student Afif, said there would be no end to terrorism while Australians continued going to Bali and behaving without respect for Muslim culture.

He believed the first Bali bombing committed by his uncles was justified because it discouraged tourists in Bali. "If Muslims died in that action, the Muslims will go to heaven," he said.

So it’s all down to bikinis and repressed sexuality! No wonder Bali is such an obvious target.

But it’s not just Western girls who wear bikinis of course. So do Indonesians:

Tiara Lestari is simply stunning. She comes from Solo, a small town in Central Java, which ironically is known for having its fair share of radicals.

I can’t imagine what they would make of her pics, but I don’t think she would care. Good luck to her, I say. And you know what – she even has her own blog!!!! But be warned – make sure your boss is not around, and that you have some ice at hand!!!!



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