Formaldehyde and rats: watch what you eat!!!

Nice little story here:

An Indonesian TV station - Trans TV – is currently being picketed by meatball vendors who are peeved off by the station’s claims that some of them have been – wait for it - making their meatball soup out of rats!!!

The vendors’ complaint is that it's hurting business.

But hey – what do you expect if you sell ratty meatballs to the public?

For its part, Indonesia's Trans T-V says it stands by the report, which featured a vendor who admitted doing it. A spokesman for the station says, "We have a duty to inform our viewers about the facts".


But at least rats are natural I suppose. You aren’t going to die – or even get sick - as long as the meatballs are well-cooked. After all, it’s not as if the vendors are using dangerous chemicals in preparing their food, right? They couldn’t be that “inconsiderate”, could they?


Cos they are. Or at least some are.

Because in the last few weeks or so, it has slowly come to light that many types of Indonesian foods are being preserved with a highly toxic chemical called Formaldehyde.

Just imagine: this chemical’s main use is in the embalming industry to prevent the decay of corpses, and it’s being used to preserve all sorts of local foods. It has even been reported that many Indonesian fishermen use it as an alternative to ice blocks which are far more expensive.


So don’t be surprised if cancer cases soar in Indonesia over the next few years.

Anyway, I must sign off now - it’s lunchtime.

And it’s rats on the menu.


I can only hope they haven’t been preserved with Formaldehyde…


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