Do Indonesians love porn?

Robin over at the extremely hot website Asia-Sirens has come up with a bit of clever analysis that has confirmed what I guess we all knew – but could never prove – Indonesians are massive fans of pawn!

Making use of Google Trends, Robin tested it with an “asian babes” search by country.

Here are the results:

What the heck!

In number one position is that bastion of morality Singapore, while the next three countries all have large Muslim populations! The only European country on the list is the good old UK, and the Americans don’t even make it into the top 10.

In many ways I guess, internet users are a sort of huge hidden majority. So for every 100 radicals shouting their mouths off in public, there are probably 100,000 Indonesians looking for you-know-what on the net.

Hmm... So much for the conventional wisdom...


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