Playboy Indonesia: why do they bother?

So yet another disappointing issue of Playboy Indonesia!!

And as the San Francisco Chronicle puts it:

If Hugh Hefner saw the sanitized photographs featured in the first edition of Playboy Indonesia, the octogenarian founder of the world's most famous skin magazine would probably need to reach for his Viagra to feel anything erotic.

In the centerfold, all evidence of Miss April's nipple and the pigmented skin surrounding it has been airbrushed out, her demure proportions and midriff concealed by a lacy powder blue slip and matching pair of sensible briefs.

And to add insult of injury, Miss April comes from France!

Now don’t get me wrong here: I certainly ain’t got anything against French models, but ain’t this supposed to be the Indonesian version of Playboy?

About the only thing that saves this edition from the waste-bin is the photoshoot of Fla Priscilla (lead singer of the pop group Tofu):

So maybe now is time to give up on Playboy and look for alternatives.

And I think I’ve come across a much better magazine that has:

- Hot Indonesian babes in varying states of undress, often posing in lingerie and sexy nightdresses.
- Techniques on seduction.
- Erotic stories.
- And even juicy sex tips, like how to achieve multiple orgasms with your partner and how to improve your “oral” technique.

The magazine?

Cosmopolitan of course! Indonesia’s best selling adult magazine by far!!! Hahaha!


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