What does a Damien Hirst piece of art…

Damien Hirst

…and a bottle of beer have in common?

They both contain formaldehyde?

Well, that’s true for many Asian beers says this blogger here.

And he has a pretty strong argument I reckon. Cos Chinese brewers - unlike their Indonesian counterparts – even admit to it.

But maybe Bintang ain’t so so bad. After all, it is brewed under the Heineken Group. And I’ve never had any really bad headaches after drinking the stuff. Although I can’t say the same for some of its competitors.

In fact, Bintang is, all in all, a great beer.

Bir Bintang
And if anyone at Multibintang is reading this, don’t forget to thank me for the plug. A few cases of Bintang would go down just fine…


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