The nature of the receptive feminine

“Brought nearer to their feminine core by the very nature of the Balinese experience, women begin to feel openness never felt before. A new awareness arises, stirred by the surroundings, and they become increasingly conscious of the nature of the receptive feminine.

Encounters with such a diverse range of expressions and manifestations of the receptive feminine can result in inner doubts about life-long priorities. At the same time, it opens the mind to new realities, some already familiar but somehow neglected in previous Western lives.

A woman in Bali can appreciate the unusual experience of relating to a kind of man who is not threatened by showing his feminine side. The experience can stir different reactions, from bewilderment to subtle excitement.

The mirroring of a reality that is inside a woman’s world and is all around, in cultural traits, social values, daily exchanges, affects her in ways that she cannot tell.

Sometimes she feels strengthened by the sole experience of witnessing the honouring of feminine values around her. Even when she witnesses the dark side of feminine nature, even then she can’t help but feel at home.”

source: the Bali Times


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