Kerobokan inmate to get married!!

Well would you believe it. One of the foreign inmates at Bali’s notorious Kerobokan prison is gonna get married: Bali Nine drug mule Martin Stephens.

So when is he getting married to busty ganja girl Schapelle Corby?

Er, well that’s the thing - he won’t be. In fact, he isn’t even going to marry another inmate.

So who’s his future wife then?

An Indonesian lass who brings him his breakfast every day!!!

BALI Nine drug mule Martin Stephens plans to marry the Indonesian woman who brings him breakfast each day as he serves his life sentence behind the walls of Kerobokan prison.
Christine Winarni Puspayanti, 31, wore a broad smile yesterday as she told of their plans to marry inside the Bali jail as soon as possible.

"We are getting married in March or April (next year)," said Ms Puspayanti, a Christian convert from Islam (WTF!!), as she told of her daily prayers that the convicted heroin trafficker would one day walk free.

So Martin Stephens does quite nicely out of the deal and gets his breakfast brought in every day. But what about his future wife? Who in their right mind would marry someone who is going to spent at least the next 20 years in prison, possibly even the rest of his life? She’ll be at least 51 before they get to consummate the marriage for heaven’s sake!


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