By using Google Trend Analysis, Treespotter has discovered that his traffic to his blogsite has soared because he used the word pantyless in a posting. This is one of the quirks of Google. Use a certain word or phrase that other people haven’t used and it can direct a huge amount of traffic to your site. Not that you can be sure what words will work of course, but inevitably, of course, most of them have something to do with sex.

Repetition of a key word in a posting is supposed to push the post up the rankings, thus explaining my next sentence:Lindsay Lohan pantyless Britney Spears pantyless Catherine Bell pantyless Tiara Lestari pantyless Julia Perez pantless* etc etc.

And I, like Jakartass, was also in Bali over the weekend. Not at the same place but we both did drink a lot of beer, although I unfortunately didn’t have the opportunity to try out the local Bali Brew brewed by Stormbrewing. :(


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