The Road to Hell and Fifie Buntaran

Attention to safety ain’t Indonesia’s strongest point. But Sunday’s sinking of a burnt out ship beggars belief. Not that it sunk of course – accidents do happen - but that journalists were actually allowed onto the vessel in the first place. Real Darwin Award territory this. And, joy of all joys, we’ll even have radioactive fun and games to entertain us down the road. Hip hip hoor--ay!! Bring it on ba-by!

Fifie Buntaran Indonesia
Fifie says “Stay away from the water: It’s dangerous!”

But while the central govt is buckling under the pressure, it is good to see that the local administration in Bali has taken the eminently sensible decision to refrain from showing the new film by Enison Sinaro called a Long Road to Heaven.

the long road to heavenThe movie tries to explain the Balinese bombing from many different point of views; the terrorists, the victims’ families and foreigners. Though categorized as a feature film, LRTH is based on factual research where every side is presented in balance; therefore we hope that the viewers can take side on humanity and peaceful heart (sic).

What utter tosh. Present the story in balance? So we have to sit through scenes in which militants tell us that they can’t hack the fact that “immoral” westerners show their flesh in public so they feel the need to blow them up into little pieces?

Terrorist acts like this should never be “presented in balance” for the simple reason that there is no balance and that you can’t give equal weightings to the views of terrorists on the one side and Balinese/Indonesian/foreign victims on the other. And just imagine what these misguided filmmakers could do if they had to make a film about the Nazi atrocities in the Second World War. Would they weigh up the pros and cons of concentration camps and give an equal voice to a Nazi butcher and a Jewish victim?

It’s the old combination of fatalism and irrational thinking again, of course, which gave rise to oft-heard comments such as these in the wake of the Bali bombing:

well if they didn’t wear such vulgar clothing…

they had it coming to ‘em really…

Although regrettable, this is what happens to the unbelievers...


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